Alasdair the Lionolf

He doesn't wear shirts

Alasdair the Lionolf






Lion/Wolf Hybrid

Love Interests

None (yet)


2 Desert Eagles, Scimitar and Axe, and a Time manipulating Ringblade.


Chronokinesis, Chaos Charge, Chaos Spear, Chaos Blast, Chaos Beserk

Super Forms

Sir Hexos, Beserker Knight


Tan cloak, Black pants, black fingerless gloves, Blue shoes and black glasses


Alasdair, (By his friends)

Big Al (By Charger the Hedgechilla)

Anything and anything else (by all but his friends)

Alasdair is my Persona's Mobian-form, making him my real fursona. Alasdair is my middle name, being Gaelic for Alexander. He is known to be a mysterious character so not much is known about him other than his Chaos and psycic abillities.


Alasdair is my Persona's Mobian form, making him my real fursona.

Alasdair is my middle name, being Gaelic for Alexander.

He weilds two double barreled Revolvers as his ranged weapons, and an Axe and Scimitar and Time manipulating Ringblade as his melee.


It hasn't always been this way. He was once a Knight of the Round Table, here on Mobius, back in the Aurthurian times.

He went by the name of Sir Hexos. A brave and valiant knight he was, he was the king's greatest knight, until he was driven insane by the power of Excalibur. He fled the other knights and hid in the forest a knight of no suit, neither with the Dark King or the Knights of the Round Table, he hid in a cave as a home. Many years past and he grew older. He always went to see The Lady of the Lake, an old friend of his. Everything was the same that way until the very day he found a portal on the lake. He had to see where it went, so he went through it, finding his way a few 1,000 years into the future in the year of 2011. He didn't understand until he remembered the reason he was in the Aurthurian times, he was sent there by his older half who had sent him there to learn of them, and now he had returned. He quickly blended in with society and before he knew it, became a mysterious rumor that everybody looked for.

He is no ordinary Mobian. He is two men, of three worlds, on one mission that nobody must reviel. "My name is Alasdair the Lionolf, the Mysterious Nobody, the Unknown Legend, The Knight of Time."


"Well, well, well.......What do we have here?"

"Not much of a warm welcome."

"When in doubt, follow your heart."

"We all have a reason for life, your's just hasn't been reveiled yet."

"Ever watching, Never seen."

"Fight or follow, I could use some help anyway."

"Sir Hexos, at your service."

"I fight in the mist."