Disclaimer: This character is built for parody God modding. All attacks and defense will be extremely over the top and as such this character will not be used for any canon battles, talkplays or roleplays.


A being made up of light and darkness. He was known as the law breaker of wikias, bending the rules and codes to benefit his dark humor. This was of course during his wild times with Apokalypze. After being rejected by all he felt a massive burden and so decided to break himself into two parts. After much struggling with the roadblocks made by Apokalypze, he was successful into breaking his coding into two pieces. The Light and dark code, which was used to create Darkaru (P.A.L.) and Lightzu (Memph). Although when this occured Apokalypze in a final attempt broke her coding and infused it in the light and dark coding in the goal of bring back Armegad in the future.



A malicious entity who used to bend all the rules to satisfy his dark humor. Being it deleting a person from existance or simple deleting a limp or important organ. He simple did not care what people used to think of him.


After the love that Memph and P.A.L. entered and fused into Armegad he became much more soft and loving to the new world. He uses his data powers to create new fun things for his new extended family. He loves the fact that he is seen as the grand father figure in the large family and will do anything to protect his family.


Data destruction: Can delete the limps and organs of his opponents and if he must he will delete them from existence. He can also delete any surrounding objects at his whim. The attack never misses.

Data construction: Can rebuild his and any other person's lost flesh, limps and organs he can even recreate beings and also create new objects of varying uses.

Data bend: Changes the target materials structure to his whim to create a new object or modify and amplify the targets power. This is also used to color swap whatever he wants.

Data shield: Creates a barrier of replenishing data to shield himself in a 360 radius. Attacks are reflected from it and sent back with double the amount of force.



  • If one says Armegad fast it sounds as if you are saying: "I'm a God"