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Hell Hearted Helenia


Hell Heart Helenia is one of Selenia's unusable and Hard-To-Achieve Form. Unlike other transformations, This form is triggered by Capacity of Strong Untamed energy and out of control powers.


Once transformed, Selenia is Unable to be calm and/or controllable over her power. Her fury and Agreesiveness then unleashes, Altering her name as "Helenia", Which can be refered to as "Hell". Her fur becomes completely Black, and Liquidy. She seems not to be wearing any clothes (Due to being Shaded, unable to tell what she is wearing). Her eyes become bright-blue, but some way turn different colors. She is also surrounded by many shades of Green.


Abilities are unknown, As It looks more like Close-Combat fighting and strong beams. Helenia is also known to turn into Acid-Like chemical Liquid, destroying anything that it touches. Even attacks from the oponent can easily go through her, without damaging her. Although she seems supremely invincible, her weakness is Ice. As it can cool her off, as well as a mixture of Light.


  • Strangely, Her powers can be compared to Tikhaos from Archie Comics