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Sandigoa (Sand-IU-GO-au) is an Extinct breed. The Shahongai had a huge rivalry, Leading to the extinction of many Shahongai groups in the east continents of Mobius and the permanent extinction of Sandigoa's. It can be possible that there are Sandigoa's still around, but by the history, all has been wiped clean from this species.


Nothing is much known of this species. Only that it is extinct.

Sandigoa's have been around for the last hundred thousand years.


Ka-Lind-DiFlu Clan-Extinct Clan, Used for Healing other Sandigoa's.

Ju-Kind-KeLad Clan-Extinct Clan, Used for shielding and keeping top secret information.

Specific BreedsEdit

There are specific types of breeds from this species, Her is a list of breeds from the Sandigoa.

Long-winged SandigoaEdit

Short-winged SandigoaEdit

Pygmy SandigoaEdit

Albino SandigoaEdit

Long-Haired SandigoaEdit

Sandigoa White Bellied-HedgehogEdit


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Behavior TraitsEdit

Known Sandigoa'sEdit

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